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April 16, 2014

Oregon's Best Seller!

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Gerry Frank must know more Oregonians than just about anyone. In his years of public service and community leadership, Gerry has traveled Oregon – all of Oregon. The combination of those two facts leads us to a certain conclusion: For sure, he knows more about Oregon’s best places to eat, drink, stay and play than most of the rest of us combined.

Gerry’s travels and his vast following of readers who give him tips about the good things of Oregon inform his weekly column in The Oregonian, Gerry Frank’s Picks. Whether it’s something as big and as well-known as the Oregon Shakespeare Festival or as small as the Oxbow Restaurant & Saloon in Prairie City, Gerry knows about it and shares his insight.

So there may be some guidebooks to Oregon, but none as comprehensive as this one. And it’s not just about food and drink, though there’s plenty of that. Now you know about where to buy quilts in Tillamook and how to watch a dogsled race in Wallowa County (and where to eat and stay while you’re there).

All of this information comes to be shared with Oregonians and people everywhere because Gerry Frank is a cosmopolitan fellow who cares about this state and its people. He may be a big city guy – he does have a definitive guidebook to New York City, after all – but he loves all the corners of Oregon. He knows how to enjoy those places, too.

When he used to travel across the state with his friend, our former governor and Sen. Mark Hatfield, Gerry knew where to go to get a bite to eat or soak in some history and culture. We’re fortunate that he’s able to reflect all that knowledge so the rest of us can enjoy the bounties of Oregon as well.

N. Christian Anderson III, President and Publisher, The Oregonian


Gerry Frank’s Oregon is a must read for anyone who loves this state. Woven by Oregon’s first citizen and master story teller this book is a rich fabric of practical information and fascinating details about our state and its history. In many ways Gerry Frank has become almost synonymous with Oregon and has dedicated his life to public service and to enriching our state and its people. Gerry Frank’s Oregon is his latest contribution to the Oregon story.

John A. Kitzhaber, M.D.

I read your book and it is GREAT!  I love it.

Enjoyed your new Oregon book so much.  I’m now 81 and remember so many events and people you mention. ..thanks for a good read.

Thank you for writing a wonderful book!  As a native Oregonian – finally back in my state – you are catching me up on what is happening now.  I have a hard time putting it down.  Especially fun reading are the stories you tell.

Wonderful book…it’s so full of Oregon history and Oregon people – love it.

We love the book.  Thanks to you and your able crew for creating the book we’ve been waiting for!

Your book is fabulous.  I am ready to explore new Oregon places and restaurants, thanks to your book.

Had hunger pangs reading your excellent description of all the superb food and drink offered by all of those you write about.  Enjoyed your side notes of famous people and special people, things and places.  Fascinated with the history of Meier and Frank Company.  A real treasure of what is good and great about the state of Oregon.  No home should be without one.

I have been reading through Gerry Frank’s Oregon and enjoying it greatly.  What an incredible collection of places to see, restaurants to sample and activities to engage in.  I really enjoyed the old photos and profiles of names I knew without knowing the stories behind them.  I will turn this over to the boss so she can set our itinerary for future outings.

Gerry Frank’s Oregon is truly a marvel in its content and fine layout.  Your personal collection, stories and tales added a special touch.   It’s the finest of guidebooks.